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On a Quest to
find a PMS Remedy
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PMS Guru Pauline Houle
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How to Heal Your Menstrual Cycle Symptoms!

Are you fed up with every bit of the premenstrual symptoms of cramps, mood swings, bloating, irritability, depression, anger and despair that you go through every month? 

So much suffering for nothing! 

And even THAT is a very simplified list compared to the 150 symptoms that medical science reports being part of premenstrual dysphoric disorder. Things like confusion, stiff neck, headaches, migraines, sensitivity to indecisiveness and MORE!

And for how long have you endured those premenstrual symptoms?

"I used to have phobias for a week every month but did not realize the timing about when it was happening. I had just come to accept it as a fact of my life I could do nothing about. That all changed the day Pauline helped me realize my own connections."

Diane, Sales Manager
Quebec, Canada.
Age: 35.

Dear PMS Sufferer:

Many of you have shared with me that you were afraid of becoming crazy for a few days of the month. Some of you, I know, have started to suffer right at the beginning of your menses while others just woke up one day and BANG! It landed right in your lap and you did not even know where it came from!

YES! The truth is that, for the majority of you, PMS is the beast that eats at you for up to half of the month !

It costs you your freedom, disturbs your wellness and capacity to feel happy.

I am Pauline Houle, a Therapist with 20 years experience and a background in Social Work and Psychodynamic trainings that really make a difference in people's lives and in helping my clients help themselves. I also have a Masters degree in Transpersonal Studies that has helped me understand the BIGGER PICTURE . . .and so can you!


I have been on a quest to find the truth ever since my youth and I have found some answers you will see nowhere else. You can search the internet all you want!

That's Right !

Until NOW, NO ONE has made a connection between PMS and the subconscious! 

Fifteen years ago, I woke up to PMS in my life and just could not figure out what was happening to me. Conventional medicine could not help, holistic healing helped a bit, but it wasn't until I set myself on a quest of really understanding and healing my condition, THAT SOME ANSWERS STARTED TO APPEAR.

THEN, ONE DAY, I asked an empowering question that lead me to FINALLY hear the truth THROUGH A STILL, SMALL VOICE WITHIN. That very same day, 

My pms symptoms totally disappeared...

I started to contemplate the phenomenon - I could not believe I was the only one being so lucky on this planet! So I started researching and my quest has helped me write a book and a workbook - so that others - like you - can implement their own findings to finally understand the REAL issues behind their PMS.


  • Francoise got rid of her "not wanting to be touched" for a week.
  • Josette started menstruating again after 1 year and a half without cycles.
  • Diane understood why some months she cried and some others she was so angry.
  • Josee put an end to her devastating shopping sprees.
  • Carmen stopped months of daily bleeding.
  • And so on, and on, and on...
« That was truly a wonderful experience as Pauline helped me sift through my emotions. The things I have learned will stay with me for the rest of my life."

Rose, Web designer
New York.
Age: 24.

  My research has proven to hundreds of women that EVERYONE has much more inner power than they ever imagined. 

No pills, no gimmicks, I promise! 

Just Guaranteed Relief !

" I have discovered the answers to questions I have had about myself for a long time. This experience has also opened the door to new questions and provided me with the tools to find the answers. PMS is not something that should be used as an excuse for behaviors and attitudes, but rather a way to recognize things that need to be healed. I believe that women should celebrate their "PMS" as a positive blessing instead of a negative curse.

The exercises gave me a way to see how the book applies to me personally rather than a vague hypothesis. It was en eye opener when I realized that the answers to some of the questions was not at all what I would have expected." 

Emma, CPA,
Plattsburgh, NY.
Age: 39.


The crux of the matter is that when human beings are in such a state of ignorance and confusion about themselves, they rarely put their finger on the hidden message behind their physical, emotional, and sometimes even spiritual symptoms!

"What a surprise for me who always felt I was blessed to live without PMS when I realized that my "own" time of the month resulted in some enhanced intuitive moments. Until I did the introspection, I had not even made the connection that my intuitions needed not be reserved for that one week of the month."

Donna, Teacher
Montreal, Canada.
Age: 42.

My book, "My Beauty & My Beast - Mind, Body and PMS," assisted by my "Healing Workbook," can truly make a difference for you. It can become your teacher, close friend, therapist, and guiding star.
natural pms relief book.  Stop Suffering! Believe me, you will have no choice but to understand your inner reality and the messages your heart and your subconscious want to reveal to YOU!

Some of you may have, in the past, found a great book that helped you make sense of some issues in your life. "My Beauty & My Beast" will do the same.

After reading it, you will understand the underlying causes for your suffering AND your PMS.

Click the play button to listen to Pauline read an excerpt from "My Beauty & My Beast, Mind, Body and PMS,


  • No more absence from work - other than your own desire to have some days off for fun and pleasure!
  • No more migraines, cramps, emotional disturbances, confusion, or craziness in your daily routine!
Take a moment and read the following book review done by "SHE UNLIMITED" (Click here for the book review)

This process shown to you in this book will become a deciphering dictionary to finally regain all your inner power and master your life. You will no longer resist understanding what is given to you on a platter to digest.


"Dear Pauline, 

Here is my overview of your book and workbook. It was extremely helpful to me, and I can say that you have helped me become a woman I am proud to be, and you continue to come up in my head whenever I have questions about situations in my life. I often find myself saying: "What would Pauline suggest I do to figure this one?"

Loretta, Translator
Quebec, Canada
Age : 41.

Do I NEED to warn you of where you will end up if you do not take care of this "monthly beast?"

The choice is yours entirely! 

If you wish to finally put an end to this monthly curse that leaves you feeling harassed in your body, your mind, and your heart, THIS BOOK is your answer!

Some of you are living a hellish moment and you have a lot more power than you believe about all this.


reading your book opened my eyes; doing your workbook made me aware and sensitive to what is actually happening right now, be it because of the past, present or future. And let me tell you, I intend to revisit it, redo the exercises every months, or years, whenever I need to get in touch with what is happening in my body, my head and my life. There is no other workbook like this. The questions and exercises are so unique."
Anastasia, Transcriber
Montreal, Canada.
Age: 37

"This book has made me realize that PMS does not have to stand for Pre or Post-menstrual syndrome but for "Personally My Savior." I have found answers instead of excuses and insights instead of emotional persecution. This book has helped me analyze my emotional ties to my physical symptoms and literally set them free. Pauline has helped to close a door on stigma and open a window of self-preservation."

Nicole Jubert, Buyer 
Plattsburgh, NY.
Age: 29.

NOW, you have some options:

PMS Cramp Relief Menstrual Cycles are normal.
Are you ready to leave your PMS behind?

Stop suffering! Stop the assumption that your monthly cycle is one of life's "necessary evils" and discover the often hidden gift of insight and freedom.

First Option: a personalized package with my intimate touch. You can allow yourself the ultimate gift to set yourself on a path of healing. When you buy My Beauty & My Beast Mind, Body and PMS along with A Healing Workbook about Mind, Body and PMS, you will receive a half hour of consultation for the price of $95.00 US (including shipping and handling and I pay the phone call anywhere in North America)

Menstruation cycles are natural. PMS is not!

2nd Option: get only the printed version of My Beauty & My Beast - Mind, Body and PMS" for $27.95 US (including shipping and handling).
Menstruation symptoms are natural.  PMS is not! 3rd Option: get only the Healing Workbook about Mind, Body and PMS (with a CD included) for the low price of $18.95 US (including shipping and handling)

NOTE: If you buy option 2 and 3 together, the price will be $42.00 US (including shipping and handling) instead of $46.90 US!

Plus for a limited time, IF you purchase any of the above options, I will include the following bonuses:

James Allen is the grandfather of Personal Development Bonus Offer # 1: "As a  Man Thinketh" by James Allen (pdf version) Mr. Allen is partly responsible for the creation of the entire personal development industry.  Most contemporary Personal Development authors and teachers credit this little book for providing the foundation for their principles.  It is a set of philosophical musings on the power of our thoughts. Earl Nightingale, widely regarded as the father of modern day personal development, in his best-selling recording, called the ideas in this book, "The Strangest Secret." "The secret," he said, "is we become what we think about."

Value: $12.95

Pauline Houle's favorite quotes Pauline Houle's favorite quotes. . .
Bonus Offer # 2: Often, I have searched for powerful and inspiring quotations to help my affirmation practice, or to place in strategic places, or to write in my intimate cards to people I love. Because of this, over the years I have accumulated a thick package of quotes from well known authors, motivators, and philosophers and I am including these as a gift, a special offering because you have purchased my book. That's right, I will let you have these quotes (pdf version) for FREE. The retail value of this book of Quotes is $9.95

And finally dear lady, if you prefer e-books, you can order either My Beauty & My Beast Mind, Body and PMS (in a pdf version) for $19.95 US and/or A Healing Workbook about Mind, Body and PMS (pdf version with an audio CD of the NLP exercise) for $14.85 US.

You can then choose your prefered purchasing option


Don't miss out on this! 

Order now and get yourself on the path to living a life free from the constraints of your suffering monthly symptoms. 

AND here is the BEST PART!

This purchase is ABSOLUTELY RISK FREE!

You will finally understand you do not have to remain a victim of your condition
AND you risk NOTHING!


This is a  Risk Free Offer!

If you are not fully satisfied, you have the right to a prompt and full refund for a full 60 days, even after you've read the book and manual. Fair enough? 

I am giving you my PERSONAL GUARANTEE: if you are not completely satisfied with your purchase you will be refunded every dime of your investment.

This is more than a guarantee! It is my personal promise that you will be satisfied with your investment. 

Get your copy today!


You can then choose your prefered purchasing option

My sincerest wishes

Pauline Houle is Therapist with 20 years experience and a background in Social Work and Psychodynamic trainings that really make a difference in people's lives. She has a Masters Degree in Transpersonal Studies, which has been a great help in keeping her focused on the big picture of PMS and what women need to know in order to cure it.

PS:  Remember - This offer is for a limited time only! 

Think also about how you feel in those lousy PMS moments and all the turmoil you wish you were not born with! How many times have you had arguments with your loved ones - only to wake up days later and wonder why it all happened?

You were NOT born with this handicap; you are simply not AWARE that you have much more power than you ever dreamed possible.

Finally, YOU have the opportunity to take charge and make a difference in your own life and, in the lives of the people around you! 


PPS:  My guarantee that this book will make an extraordinary difference in your life makes this offer RISK FREE! It is simply a matter of this: You will be satisfied or you will get your money back. That's it! 

AND, even more than that - you get to keep the book... and the Healing Workbook... as well. 

We both know that the decision is yours to make: You can Free yourself! Or, Stay the same! I know "My Beauty & My Beast - Mind, Body and PMS" along with the "Healing Workbook" can REALLY make the difference you have wanted all along.

Do NOT delay one moment longer! Do what you have to do to get rid of your PMS horror.

PPPS: AND if you happen to be so lucky that you have no PMS challenges, what a GREAT gift this would make! Maybe a lady friend, a daughter, a colleague of yours, needs a gift of recovery from hell.

Think about how you feel in those lousy moments and all the turmoil you wish you were not born with! Well, you were not born with this handicap; you are simply not aware you have much more power than you ever dreamed of. 

Remember 2 IMPORTANT THINGS: This is a LIMITED TIME OFFER, AND you have my PERSONAL guarantee that this book will make an extraordinary difference in your life: 


I know "My Beauty & My Beast - Mind, Body and PMS" along with the "Healing Workbook" and NLP Audio can REALLY make the difference you have wanted all along.

Stop delaying doing what you have to do to get rid of your PMS! 
Get Rid of Your PMS Nightmare NOW!

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